Tru Entertainment & Promotions takes great pride in booking hard-working, local, original bands. We have broke many bands out of their basements and garages, and put them on stage for their first time, as well as some of them, unfortunately, and not always permanantly, their last. If you are interested in booking with us, please email johntru(at)truentertainmentandpromotions(dot)com

Event Coordination

Every event needs to be properly managed from deciding on a date, to leaving the area the event was held in the condition it was received, and everything in between! Trust in Tru Entertainment and Promotions to put together a show leaving you wanting more.


Tru Entertainment and Promotions live by their name when it come to promoting events! We design, print and destribute our own flyers. We have professional tickets printed for most events, and they are available online. Tru Entertainment Promotions Street Team is always looking for recruits to help beat the streets! SWING ON BY!!!